Our Source

Nestled in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park is the protected source of Brecon Carreg natural mineral water. Covering approximately 21,000 acres of South and Mid Wales the National Park safeguards our beautiful, rough and dramatic landscapes, a priceless national asset.

Our outstandingly pure natural mineral water begins life as rain falling on the hills and valleys. It takes an incredible 15 years to filter through solid layers of limestone rock before finally making its way to the surface, where our team bottle it at the source.


Brecon Cottage

Brecon Carreg began life as a true cottage industry, on the Llwyndewi farm in the heart of the Brecon Beacons. Our name was inspired by Carreg Cennen Castle, the spectacular ruins close to the source of our water.

Our close knit team of 30 and their genuine passion for the countryside that produces our pure and natural water bring Brecon Carreg to life on a daily basis.



Brecon Carreg has never lost sight of what makes them truly unique; a local company with a real passion for producing an outstandingly pure natural mineral water from the heart of Wales.

We’re proud to say we have stayed true to our roots, whilst making Brecon Carreg the leading Welsh bottled water brand in Wales and the UK.

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Commitment to Sustainability

If we protect the water, the water protects us. Our long term vision at Brecon Mineral Water is a commitment to care for nature and our community, preparing for the future. Our vision is based on three pillars of sustainability; People at Heart, Limiting our Footprint and Close to Nature.

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People at Heart

We strive to be a great place to work and a responsible partner for society. Encouraging success and progress is second nature and we value each member as much as every drop of water we protect. By supporting national events and associations we endeavour to add value to our society and promote healthy lifestyles.

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Limiting our Footprint

We strive to limit our environmental carbon and water footprints by using 100% green energy at our factory, 100% recyclable packaging, reducing the weight of our packaging by 30% in the last 15 years and PET bottles that are produced on site, leading to a further reduction in road miles.

Closer to nature

Close to Nature

Working in partnership with the Brecon Beacons National Park we allow nature and wildlife to flourish. By extracting only the water we need, most of the natural water resource is left untouched. Safeguarding the natural water resources guarantees pure natural mineral water; today and for the next generations.



The villages of Trap and Llandyfan are more than our neighbours. Our team work with residents to support events important to the community including the Trap Fun Run and Agricultural Show.

Our wider communities include partnerships with Wales Air Ambulance, Welsh Athletics and Run Wales. We aim to inspire and encourage adults and children to lead healthy lives and support a number of running events for all ages and abilities.