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Our newest partnership – Keep Wales Tidy

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We are extremely pleased to announce our exciting new partnership with Keep Wales Tidy – a charity working across Wales to protect our environment for now and for the future.

Our consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of their consumption on the environment and we share this concern. Plastic bottles contribute to the overall problem of plastic pollution. The partnership will see the Brecon Carreg team rolling up our sleeves to support beach and river cleans across Camarthenshire, improve and rebuild hedgerows and to help restore a vital habitat for wildlife.

Keep Wales Tidy are passionate about supporting and inspiring people to take action to protect and care for their local environment, creating a safer, cleaner, healthier and more sustainable Wales – values that are shared here at Brecon Carreg.

Lesley Jones, Chief Executive from Keep Wales Tidy said, “We’re excited to have established this new partnership with Brecon Carreg – a proud Welsh company that places great importance on sustainability and protecting nature. Working together across sectors is vital to tackling our environmental challenges and we look forward to making a positive difference with them.”

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Today is #InternationalMountainDay. We’re pretty spoilt for choice here in the Brecon Beacons! Do you have a favourite? Photos: @kris_roach87  #BreconBeacons  #BreconCarreg  #naturalmineralwater  #WelshWater  #Wales  #WelshMountains

For anyone not feeling festive, take a look at these amazing scenes from the Brecon Beacons! We had our first snowfall last weekend. Photos: @the.content.creators #BreconBeacons #Wales  #WelshMountains #UKsnow #SnowyAdventures

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re not ones for writing love letters. It’s best left to the finest wordsmith in Wales, Nessa Jenkins – “I won’t lie, you’re not everyone’s cup of tea but at the end of the day when all’s said and done, you’re tidy.”

This is your friendly reminder to stay hydrated today and enjoy the sunshine! #BreconCarreg #WelshWater #StayHydrated