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Our packaging commitments

Our mineral water is the heart of Brecon Carreg.

With these packaging commitments, we make the public commitment that in 2025, when you drink one of our natural mineral waters, it will be healthy for you and our planet.

We share the concern of the environmental impact of our packaging. As such, action has been taken to develop our 2025 packaging commitments, which are clustered around 3 pillars – Recycle, Restore, Reduce.

Our commitment for 2025?

To bring you 100% recyclable and 100% recycled packaging thanks to 100% collection rates and close partnerships in the industry.

100% recyclable and 100% recycled

All of our packaging will contain 100% reused or recycled material by 2025.

Taking into account that this is conditional on the quality of material, we foresee including at least 30% reused and recycled content in our packaging by 2022.

We’re striving towards closing the loop by using recycled materials from the start, without compromising on quality, with the ultimate aim to stop using virgin materials altogether.

Increase the quality of recycled materials

In order to use 100% recycled or reused materials by 2025, we are working with the recycling sector and other partners to innovate on recycling and improve the quality of recycled materials.

We fully support deposit return schemes (DRS) which are expected to be in place by 2023.

We want to meet the global plastics challenge head on and help restore our planet to its natural self by fighting litter on sea and on land.

Promote zero-littering

We will strive to carry a zero-litter message across all markets and channels, including packaging by 2022.

We cannot achieve the circular economy alone. We need our customers and consumers to help us collect our bottles and to avoid them ending up as litter. We will look at innovative ways to work together towards zero litter.

Prevention and clean up partnerships

We will develop strategic partnerships with organisations to prevent and combat litter on sea and on land.

There’s no denying the global challenges created by human consumption. And the plastic soup choking our rivers and oceans is perhaps the most concerning of all. We feel a strong sense of responsibility for the health of our planet and are aiming to develop partnerships to help fight the issue.

Further reducing our plastic and carbon footprint is simply the next step in a long line of positive actions as we work towards zero net emissions and halting global warming.

15% less plastic packaging

We will reduce our single use plastic footprint by 15% in the lead up to 2025. As an immediate target, we’re aiming for a 5% reduction by 2022.

These goals will help us lower our use of raw materials and decrease our environmental impact.


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