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Our packaging commitments

Our mineral water is the heart of Brecon Carreg.

We share the concern of the environmental impact of our packacking. As such, we have made the commitment to continuously improve our packaging whenever we can.

We’ve centred our focus around three core pillars – Recycle, Restore, Reduce.


Our commitment – 100% recyclable and 100% recycled.

We’re proud that our bottles (including labels and lids) are 100% recyclable. We also use 30% recycled content (rPET) across the entire Brecon Carreg range. Our goal is to continue increasing this figure until every bottle is made with 100% recycled content. Further to this, with our carbon footprint in mind, we have also made the commitment to only used recycled plastic from the UK.

Our commitment – increase the quality of recycled materials.

In order to use 100% recycled content across our entire range, we are working with the recycling sector and other partners to innovate on recycling and improve the quality of recycled materials.

We fully support deposit return schemes (DRS) proposed for Wales, Scotland and England which will reduce litter and increase recycling rates.


Our commitment – promote zero-littering.

We will strive to carry a zero-litter message across all markets and channels, including packaging.

We cannot achieve the circular economy alone. We need our customers and consumers to help us collect our bottles and to avoid them ending up as litter. We will look at innovative ways to work together towards zero litter.

Our commitment – develop strategic partnerships with organisations to prevent and combat litter on sea and on land.

There’s no denying the global challenges created by human consumption. We feel a strong sense of responsibility for the health of our planet and are aiming to develop partnerships to help fight the issue.


Our Commitment – Brecon Carreg will be a Net Zero company.

With the help of our Carbon Partner, Auditel, we have already started our journey to become Verified Carbon Neutral which will be a huge step towards our long-term strategic objective of reaching Net Zero.

In 2023, we will be submitting and announcing our first science-based net-zero targets (SBTis).


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