Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability Report 2018
With its natural mineral water, Brecon Carreg offers the best of nature: pure natural water as essential refreshment for the body. We are proud to offer this outstandingly pure mineral water to generations of today and tomorrow. That is why we place great importance on our ambitious sustainability strategy.

Natural Hydration, Healthy Tomorrow!

Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars of Brecon Carreg. To secure our position as a leader, we have developed ambitious sustainability targets, which we plan to achieve through eleven platforms.

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Healthy Refreshments Acting Together Protecting Nature


Sustainability Report 2018

Winner of The Welsh Government
Responsible SME Business of the Year 2018.

Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars of Brecon Carreg. We believe in a long term vision with actionable goals. Our vision and strategy has proudly won this year’s SME Responsible Business of the Year at the Business in the Community Cymru awards. A fantastic achievement for all of our team and the people we work with.

“Congratulations, Brecon Carreg, on your committed responsible business practice – and for being the best of the best.”

Matt Appleby, Director at Business in the Community Cymru.

For the third year in a row, we have been independently accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation – a detailed study focusing on environment, animals and people. Thanks to a high score of 89 out of 100, our brand is enlisted in The Good Shopping Guide.

Sustainability Report 2018
Sustainability Report 2018

The Sustainable Development Charter is Wales’ highest profile commitment to sustainable development and is a Welsh government initiative. Its aim is to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales. Brecon Carreg has demonstrated its commitment to a more sustainable Wales by signing the sustainable development charter.


This is the foundation of Brecon Carreg. We take responsibility for protecting the water catchment areas, promoting biodiversity and strive to be exemplary in the domain of water management. Protecting nature also means striving to be carbon neutral.

Sustainability Report 2018
Sustainability Report 2018
Sustainability Report 2018

We have already taken positive steps forward with innovations in the area of sustainable packaging, the use of renewable energy and green logistics. We are also building a sustainable production chain via our procurement procedures, and have been working hard with our partners to reduce litter.

Our 2020 Goal: Reduce Litter With Customers and Consumers

Sustainability Report 2018

We’re proud to say that our packaging is 100% recyclable – including labels and lids – and we are working with a number of organisations to raise awareness and to make it easier to dispose of our bottles in a recycling bin so that they can be recycled and given a second life.

For the last three years, we have partnered with Recycle for Wales and Run 4 Wales for a ‘Run Refuel Recycle’ campaign to highlight the importance of recycling to runners and spectators of the Cardiff Half Marathon. The campaign received great feedback and made 70% of people think more about how they could recycle their bottles.

The success of Run Refuel Recycle has encouraged our next campaign – ‘Save the Mermaids’ – which will focus on ocean and river plastics over a series of running events in 2018.

Our 2020 Goal: 100% Bee Friendly

Two bee hives (around 50,000 bees) have been installed near the source of our water and are looked after by our resident beekeeper, Bill.

Bill collects samples from the bees that cover an area of approximately 700 hectares. The pollen collected provides useful information about the biodiversity of the surrounding area.

Working with BeeOdiversity, we are using the ecosystem of the bees to measure the quality of the environment and biodiversity whilst making recommendations for the future.

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Our 2020 Goal: Carbon Neutrality

Our production facilities and offices have been carbon neutral since 2015. By 2020, we will be going a step further – all products must then be carbon neutral throughout their entire life cycle. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are working in several areas:

  • Sustainability Report 2018
  • Sustainability Report 2018
  • Optimisation of logistics

    Optimisation of logistics

    • We are a regional player that stays close to its customers. Our furthest depot for delivery is approximately 200 miles.
    • We continue to collaborate with our haulier on initiatives to minimize the carbon footprint due to transport.
  • Reduction of energy consumption

    Reduction of energy consumption

    • Through various investments and initiatives, we have achieved a reduction of our total carbon footprint by 30% in seven years.
    • Moreover, our production site runs entirely on renewable ‘green’ energy, and our supplier has partnered with Trees for Cities, audited by Carbon Clear.
  • Sustainable Packaging

    Sustainable Packaging

    • All of our bottles are 100% recyclable.
    • We are working continuously on making our bottles lighter. In the last 15 years we have reduced the weight of our packaging by 30%.
    • Working with our supplier, we have initiated a project to incorporate recycled materials into our film and are the first of their customers to have this more sustainable option.

Our 2020 Goal: Water Footprint

Sustainability Report 2018

1.6 litre to produce one litre of bottled water

We continuously invest in projects to reduce our water footprint. A separated drainage and purification system was completed in 2017 called ‘Project Raintrain’. The raintrain allows us to process the four types of water usage at our site:

  • water used to rinse the bottles
  • water used for cleaning purposes
  • backwash water from a filtering process
  • domestic water

Taking accurate monthly readings via our SCADA system, we are able to monitor the water we are pumping and improve our water management. Anything we don’t use is then sent back to nature via the raintrain system.

Our Goal: 'Gold' European Water Stewardship

Sustainability Report 2018

In cooperation with the local authorities and national park administration, protection and prevention actions are put in place to sustainably protect the sources and the catchment area and to prevent all risk of pollution.

By 2020 our aim is to receive a Gold certification for European water stewardship according to the European Water Stewardship standard, accrediting the quality of our actions with regard to sustainable water management.

Our 2020 Goal: 80% Sustainable Suppliers

Our three biggest suppliers (PET, bottle cap suppliers and hauliers) account for more than 80% of our total purchases – two of which are based locally in Wales and all three have signed our Sustainability Procurement Policy. Moreover, Ecovadis, as a third party, assesses the sustainability endeavours of all our strategic suppliers.


We’re committed, together with schools, customers and partners, to make children, families, employees and parents more aware of the importance of good hydration.

Our 2020 Goal: Contribute to a Healthy Lifestyle Through Hydration and Balanced Diets

In 2017, working with a local primary school, Ton Pentre, we started a pilot scheme focusing on healthy hydration which saw an increase of water consumption by every pupil. An evaluation of the children’s drinking habits before and after ‘Drink Plenty Day’ showed that students had improved their water consumption by at least 3 cups a day. A class vote also saw an increase in every child drinking more water.

The Healthy Hydration pilot scheme included a lesson plan and an exercise booklet for students aged 9-11. The kit outlines how to assess your own hydration levels and the importance of healthy hydration through fluids and diet. The hydration toolkit is now offered to primary schools free of charge.

Sustainability Report 2018

Our 2020 Goal: 100% of Our Products Labelled 'Natural'

The still and sparkling waters of Brecon Carreg are, by definition, natural beverages.


Sustainability Report 2018

We are growing in sustainability, together with our staff, suppliers and partners, customers and consumers. We are striving for a workplace in which sustainability is the central theme: Brecon Carreg is striving for recognition as a Best Workplace and support the approach of Great Place to Work.

We aim to build an organisation where employees enjoy work and are constantly encouraged and stimulated to improve their individual and collective performance.

Our 2020 Goal: To be a best workplace

Sustainability Report 2018

Last year, Brecon Carreg completed the Great Place to Work® Institute survey. The Trust Index© survey measures the extent to which Brecon Carreg meets the criteria of a Great Place to Work® according to its employees.

76% of our team considers Brecon Carreg to be a Great Place to Work®. Our total score on the Trust Index is 73%, with outstanding scores for ‘Credibility’ and ‘Respect’.

Sustainability Report 2018

Our 2020 Goal: Sustainability in Everyone's Job

In 2017, we introduced an annual ‘Kick Off’ event for the team. Sustainability was integrated into this event by sharing the success stories of the previous year and looking forward with key projects and an action plan. Our first event also included a ‘Recycle Race’ team building activity where teams upcycled bottles to create go karts and raced one another.

Sustainability Report 2018

Our 2020 Goal: 1 Citizen Day Per Employee

We are committed to creating a genuine culture of sustainability at Brecon Carreg. This means that all employees understand what sustainability stands for – both for Brecon Carreg and their jobs.

Sustainability Report 2018

As part of the ‘Save the Mermaids’ campaign, our team will be invited to become ‘recycling champions’ for the Cardiff Half Marathon encouraging runners to give their bottle a second life and to say a big thank you for recycling our bottles.


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